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Engine is a value-add real estate investment firm with a fully integrated approach to unlocking real estate value in markets across the country.

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A Cohesive Approach
to Investing

Engine Real Estate's in-house expertise includes finance professionals, construction managers, architects, leasing agents, and property managers. This allows the firm to seamlessly identify, structure, and execute on opportunities.

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Activating Opportunities

Engine Real Estate is uniquely equipped to identify and acquire underutilized residential, retail, industrial, and creative office properties which trade at a discount to their intrinsic value. Its in-house expertise allows it to revitalize these properties through an integrated process of redesign, renovation, and enhanced operation for its investors and partners.

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Sparking Emerging

Engine Real Estate's vision is to build stronger communities within emerging neighborhoods by catering to a dynamic tenant base of forward-thinking residents, retailers, and office users.

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Investor Stewardship

Engine Real Estate is dedicated to the preservation of its investors’ capital. Every potential acquisition is vetted through a process of evidence-based underwriting and adherence to risk management policies which have been honed through decades of experience.

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Invest and Improve

Engine's primary focus is the activation of commercial real estate and maximizing its intrinsic value. It does so by applying an institutional style and fully-integrated approach to real estate investing. The firm benefits from having a centralized decision making process which allows it to pro-actively monitor the financial performance of its assets. This also enables it to efficiently execute on its business plan for each property, especially with regard to key issues which impact a property’s bottom line, such as rental rates, vacancies, leasing, and property renovation/ rehabilitation.
Market insight, in-house expertise, and experience positions Engine to mobilize quickly versus its competitors, especially since the target investment is smaller in size- generally requiring less than $10 million of equity.

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